Vacant Home Staging

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Your potential buyers find it difficult to visualize their life in an empty, vacant house... make it a HOME for them.

A good number of people difficulty buying a vacant home. This is due to lack of proper imagination and they cannot seem to comprehend how the house would be with furniture and fittings. This is why you need to take advantage of our vacant home staging Jacksonville FL packages. We have been in this business for so many years and we are proud to offer the best services, which are second to none. If you are wondering how much you have to pay for our packages, you need not worry as we offer tailored packages that will be within your budget.

More than Staging

Our approach to staging a vacant home is totally different and we plan for each property separately. We will pick the right color schemes and interior décor. Our target is to see to it that we are appealing to your target market in the best way possible. We will stage your home in such a way that it becomes impossible to say no. All our designs and styling plans are carefully thought-out and will make your home stand out from the others on the market.

Home Staging Jacksonville Experts

We put in the best team staging pros on every project. We do not claim to be a jack of all trades and this is why we have experts for each stage. We will give you the best team and each will have their role in making sure that your home is highlighted and the best features clearly brought to the limelight. We will showcase your vacant home staging Jacksonville FL in the best way that you can imagine. We are the professionals, but we will also listen to your thoughts and include them where possible. We also work with homes that already have furniture, as known as occupied home staging services.

Our Process

Our property styling process is very simple, but detailed. We will start by previewing your property and having an initial discussion such that we can be able to give you a customized quote. We will come up with a design plan, as directed by the lead stager. We have experts for different types of homes and this is how we are able to make homes get buyers in less than 30 days. The plan will be created based on the target market and this helps us to set up for the staging.

Sell Your Vacant House Quickly

When it comes to staging vacant homes in Jacksonville, we have a number of packages and you can pick one that serves your needs in the best way. We love to treat each property as unique and therefore, we do not assume that any plan will work for another property. With the packages that are tailored to suit your needs, you will be able to sell your vacant house quickly.

Get in touch with us today and start on our complimentary consultation and get a free quote, without obligations.