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Everyone one who wishes to sell their homes, hopes to get the best price. You will agree with us that the impression that you create is what will determine the value that you can fetch, for your home. This is the essence of our company and we have a great team of experts who specialize in home staging Jacksonville FL to appeal to many buyers. The good news is that when you come to us, we will work with your budget and this makes it easier for you to sell your home fast.

We have a clear objective to understand your visual appeal of every part of your home. We are skilled experts in interior and exterior designs and this is how we will be able to improve the appearance of your home. We can do partial or full makeover to give you the best results that will fetch great offers. Our objective is to use modern techniques that will ensure that you will get competitive for your home.

In essence, what our expert will do is create an appealing invitation to all potential buyers and show them that your property is the best place for them to live in. It does not matter the type of furniture that you have in your home, we will get you the right items to enhance your home. If you have been trying to sell your home for a long time without any success, it is the perfect time to consider our services. Get in touch with us today and we will be happy to accord you a  consultation and estimate.

Professional Home Staging

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There are many companies same as home staging Jacksonville Florida, however, not all of them have the skills that we have. We have experienced and skilled designers who will listen to you and understand your objective. You need to think of your house, on the market, as a product. The way you package it and market it is what determines the price that you will get. Our interior designers use creative an innovative means to package your home in such a manner that it will entice all your potential buyers.

We are leaders in the industry and market and have immense experience. We have effective strategies that will help you sell your house for a high price in less time. When you contact us, we will go through the entire process so as to determine all the possible challenges that may affect the sale process. Our experts in the real estate will transform your home and give you the best options, leaving your home ready for purchase.

What We Do

​If styling your property to sell is a foreign concept to you, no need to worry, our friendly customer support experts will walk you through the whole process. There are a number of stages that we will go through to deliver your desired result. We have a clear goal of ensuring that your home sells faster and for a very competitive price. Here are some of the steps that we will take when you contact us:

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Home Staging

When we have all things in place, we can actually carry out the actual staging. We will assign a team of professionals, depending on the size of house you have. We will discuss all the furniture and fixtures that are required for each home. Our team of designers will make your house stand out in the market. You can choose to participate in the staging process or allow us to do the whole staging on your behalf.

During the staging process, we will do as much as possible or as little as it is necessary. Some of the things that we will do include moving furniture, placing accents, organizing and de-cluttering your home and give you an amazing staging.

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This is the very first step, after the initial contact. We will go through each of the rooms and assess them in great detail. We will look at the space available and pick any obstacles that may prevent a sale. We will inform you, of any repairs, updates and upgrades that will be needed, before the actual staging.

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Support in Interior Design

If you need some help or support on selecting colors, designs and lighting, we will be happy to give you the necessary support. We will discuss with you all the best options that will suit your needs, in the best way possible.

"The 1st inspiration of any space starts at the front door" - Robin Sturm (Designer) 

Our Services

Our staging and re-design services are comprehensive and will be customized to serve your needs in the best way possible. Some of the key staging services that we offer include:

Vacant Home Staging

If you have a vacant home, it may not be convincing to buyers to want to live in. This is why you need our vacant home staging services as we have all the accessories and furniture to stage your home. The idea is to make your house feel homely. There is no way that your buyers will resist your home, when we stage it.

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Occupied Home Staging

If you do not want to stage the entire house, we have an option to do a minor staging. This is after we have looked and evaluated each home so that we can figure out any major changes that are needed. We will use your consent to move around the furniture and all the accessories in the occupied home staging to bring out the best in your home. We will place the furniture in areas where they will present the greatest advantage. With the simple touchups, you will be amazed at the difference that it can make.

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Interior Redesign

Do you know that you can get a new look for your home, without having to spend a fortune in redecorating. With our interior redesign services we will create the relevant changes without affecting your finances. We will move around the pieces that need to be moved and work with the color schemes that give you incredible results.

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Complete Home Staging

If you have put your house on the market and it has taken too long without getting any offers, contact us right now to stop the frustration. Whether it is a new or old house, we know how to get the attention of all potential buyers. We will bring our expertise and quality materials to make your house irresistible. We have a great team of experts who will work around the clock to highlight all the essential areas of your home.

Design Services

​There are so many homeowners who have beautiful homes, but they do not seem to sell. The biggest challenge that we have established is that some of these homes are outdated and need to be upgraded. We will refresh your home with our exceptional materials for modern design. Through the interior design services that we offer, we will be able to bring out the full potential of your home. We have a wide selection of furnishings, surface selections, lighting and other fixtures.

Furniture and Fittings Rentals

We have tasteful artwork, furnishings and accessories that we will rent for your home when it is on the market. We have experts who will pick and install the right items for staging services. With these additions, we will make your home appeal to the buyers. Even with a vacant home, we will bring in the right items and as such you will get a higher price than other vacant homes.

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Home Staging With a Difference

Home Staging Jacksonville has the best experts who will work with property owners and real estate agents who are looking to sell their homes. Our styling services strive to showcase the best aspects of your home so that you can attract a wide range of potential buyers. What we can assure you is that when you hire our team, we will ensure that you get multiple and competitive offers. We use the latest trends in interior design and decorating features to sell your home easily and a higher price.

It does not matter how beautiful your home is, if you do not showcase it, most buyers cannot visualize how it would look with the furniture. Our intention is to seal this gap and create a warm and appealing impression that paints the real picture of the true value of your home. This makes it possible for all potential buyers to connect with your home and make lucrative offers.

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Do not let the pains of selling your house frustrate you. Real estate has become a competitive industry. If you do not appeal to buyers, your house may remain on the market for a very long time, without attracting any offers. Contact us today to get a free quote tailored to your specific needs. This is your best chance to sell your house fast in Florida.